Iqraa is the first mobile app that enables students to learn the Qur’an from an internet enabled mobile device from anywhere in the world and at any time on a one to one basis via audio/video. At Iqraa, we empower users to take their learning into their own hands. This gives them true freedom to fit their Qur’an learning journey into their own schedule. Teachers & students will be matched by our real-time algorithm for instant sessions or teachers will be selected by students based on their online availability.

Quran Iqraa has already been launched to the Arabic speaking community around the world and is now being rolled out to the English speaking Ummah starting with South Africa.

We offer three learning options for students:

1. Improve Recitation - Students can choose any mode of recitation and recite to a teacher who will focus on correcting the Tajweed and Tarteel rules of Qur’anic recitation from a basic to advanced level/s.
2. Memorisation & Revision - Students can choose to memorise and recite the Qur’an to a teacher.They can either recite for revision of previously memorised portions or for newly memorised sections.
3. Beginners & Children - Beginners and children will be taught the Qur’an using the Al-Qaida Al-Noorania or a similar basic Qaida method.

Female students will be matched with female teachers and vice versa. Children under age 10 will get an option to choose a male or female teacher. Please note knowing full terminology of Tajweed & Tarteel rules is NOT a requirement but being able to recognise and teach the correct recitation according to the rules is sufficient. This app is not providing a Tajweed course but a platform to simply read to a knowledgeable teacher who can correct their recitation. The qualifications, experience and/or Ijazah will be the basis of our screening process.

If you're interested in joining a Global Quran revolution hen please fill in your personal details below and we will revert with further details. “May Allah bless each of us on this journey with the Quran.

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A video file will be required taken from a usual place of online teaching. If you have any difficulty to upload then please record from your phone/laptop and WhatsApp the file on 0662900346 with your full name.